We assist customers throughout the entire design process.


We conduct studies on assembly procedures to ensure the highest quality.


We take care of all aspects of packaging,
storage and delivery.


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Thanks to our team of technicians who meet the production processes prescribed by the ISO 9001 standards, our company is constantly achieving outstanding results guaranteeing the highest quality and best delivery times.

We support clients throughout all the design phases of new products. In the process of which, we offer innovative ideas using the extensive experience of our technicians. We only employ the best many of our technicians come from international companies and all are kept up-to-date thanks to continuous on-going training. Once the customer’s objective has been defined, our team conducts studies on the assembly and quality procedures during the sampling phase to help improve the next manufacturing line.

The purchase of the materials is subject to strict controls carried out by our staff, which performs periodic comparisons with selected suppliers in order to ensure the best in terms of quality, competitive pricing and on-time deliveries.

We support customers right through to the final phases of production, namely packaging and storage. Whether it be company vehicles or third-party couriers, we always strive to respect the delivery times agreed upon with the customer.

Multipack: We Take Care of Everything!

Do you use pieces from several suppliers? No problem, we take care of everything!

Multipack is our new service designed for companies with several suppliers looking to save time. We contact, pick up, assemble and deliver the finished product. Send us your request, we’ll send you our best offer as soon as possible.